women’s wide fit heels and body language

nice pair of wide fit wedges or nude white fit shoes

Your outfit looks really elegant if you are wearing wide fit heels, especially ones that blend with your skin color, do give your legs an illusion of being extra inches taller. Wide fit nude shoes should be a must item in every woman’s wardrobe. They can be complemented with every outfit. Many women out there have black pair of shoes because this is the color that goes with many clothes. But wide fit nude heels are back to offer a great advantage. A nude heel or wide fit sandals are called as such simply because it does match with your skin tone so it resembles the color of your feet. So why want nude shoes or wide fit sandals? Besides making you look taller and complimenting every outfit, they make you look slimmer. It is important to note that Nude wide fit shoes / heels are just like makeup. Contrast and color means everything when it comes to these shoes. All you need is getting the most suitable shade for your skin tone. This can be achieved by trying several versions. However, unlike the foundation make up wide fit heels should make a contrast with your skin tone. This also goes hand in hand with the season. Darks colors look good in winter and lighter ones during it is summer. Wide fit sandals, like the Nude peep toe heels, will always look amazingly great when worn with pants, skirts, jeans and dresses. The good thing about the nude or neutral shoes is that they can be worn on casual and formal occasions hence giving you flexibility with your wardrobe. If you need to focus on a certain print or point on dress, make sure you wear a nice pair of wide fit wedges or nude white fit shoes. They don’t give a break from the skirt to the toe but this may not be the case when in a black pair. However, avoid putting on wide fit heels that have square fronts or rounded, as they give an impression of stubbed foot. Instead pick on a pointed pair, as they are comfortable enough to go for a day as well as a night with ease. Nude colored heels are back in style and it is universal but it is still very overwhelming selecting the right clothes to perfectly go with the nude heels besides getting the right piece. This is because nude heels are available in different designs, color, texture and style. They do come in wide fit heels, wide fit nude heels, nude white fit shoes, wide fit wedges, wide fit sandals, the choice is endless. The only trick to think about is your skin tone. When making a purchase of wide fit heels or Nude colored heels it is important to make sure you get a high quality pair. The pair will certainly last for long and you can always wear it many times. Well, the nude heels are found in both local and online beauty stores at very low cost. However, you still need to be very careful when buying cheap nude heels or platform heels as cheap is usually expensive. Always ensure that the fit is right and you feel comfortable with your chosen shoes.

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